How We Began

Woodslee Community Center

The Woodslee Community Center began simply from an idea, an opportunity to build and strengthen our small rural community.

In December 2012, Save Woodslee Action Group (S.W.A.G) was formed to gauge the will of the community to lease unused space at St. John the Evangelist Grade School. This would save our local school from closing and provide a much-needed community center.


The support was overwhelming and as a result, negotiations commenced immediately with the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board to reach a lease agreement. Subsequently, the Woodslee Community Association (WCA) was formed as a non-profit organization. In June 2013, the Woodslee Community Association was successful in reaching a lease agreement with the School Board that would keep the school open and use the leased space as the newly formed Woodslee Community Center (WCC)


Our Main Goal

The Woodslee Community Center seeks to provide exciting, interesting and affordable oppurtunities within our community to learn, place and participate.

What We Believe

The board of directors along with all members of the Woodslee Community Association are united in their belief that our vibrant rural community continues to move forward in a healthy way. We endeavor to meet a variety of needs that include...


S - Spiritual Needs

P - Physical Needs

E - Emotional Needs

C - Community Needs

I - Intellectual Needs 

A - Altruistic Needs

L - Local Needs

Everyone is invited to be part of this special community!

Our Main Goal

Friends of Woodslee

Make a Donation 

We invite anyone interested in making a financial donation to our Non-Profit Community Association or becoming a member to contact

Mary Jane Chevalier @ 519-723-4810



1757 Oriole Park Drive

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