Mother's Day Stained Glass Workshop 

On Saturday, May 7th, 2017 the Woodslee Community Center brought in a Stained Glasses professional "Liz" from Essex Stained Glass to create beautiful masterpieces for their mothers. There were 17 kids that showed up for this workshop and each got to take home a stained glass art piece to give to their mothers the following day. 

WCC Summer Camps

During this summer the Woodslee Community Center offered a variety of summer camps with a growing number of campers from previous years. Camps ranged from Sports, Art, Dance and much more. We are so happy to see our numbers growing from year to year and looking forward to upcoming years. 

WCC Fall Dance Recital 

On Sunday, December 6th, 2015, the Woodslee Community Center hosted its Fall Dance Recital with great success! Our dancers with the assistance of Miss.Brooke our instructor put on a fantastic show with a crowd of over 200 people. The dancers showed the audience their hard work over the past 12 weeks and we are very proud of all of our amazing dancers. Awesome Work! 

​​Family Movie Night

The Woodslee Community Center hosted its Spring Family Movie Night. Fun was had by all, everyone enjoyed the Lego Movie. Attention was set on the 16 foot inflatable screen as the movie played. Popcorn was popping and the place smelt amazing! Looking forward to the next family movie night.

WCC Spring Dance Recital

The Woodslee Community Center hosted its Spring Dance Recital Sunday May 31, 2015 with great success! Our brave little dancers went up on stage and showcased what they had learnt over their 16 week dance program for everyone to see. The recital was attended by over 200 people and the audience showed their support for the hard work the dancers had done.  We are very proud of everyone who performed and are looking forward to our Fall Dance session.

Christmas at W.C.C. 

The WCA Events Committee put on an exciting afternoon on Sunday Dec. 7th for the many youngsters of our great community. Fun was had by all, as the little ones played some Christmas games, decorated some tasty Christmas cookies, sang Christmas songs, watching a Christmas movie, and most of all enjoyed the friendship and warmth of our community. Oh, and there was even a surprise visit by Santa Claus himself!

Woodslee Cares Food Drive Initiative 

The Woodslee Community Center (W.C.C.) worked together with the community to support local food banks through our ‘Woodslee Cares’ Food Drive Initiative. The W.C.C. partnered with United Way and other community groups, with all items collected going directly to the Essex Area food banks and Lakeshore Community Food Bank. The food drive concluded with almost double their goal.

This was our chance to help those in our local communities during the holiday season and show how our small rural community cares. We have exceeded our goal of 1,000 items collected and finished with a grand total of 1,756. 

Woodslee Cares initiative was a community effort that began to help fight hunger in our local area. The idea behind the event was to show that the community can work together to create a strong initiative. Woodslee groups that contributed to the food drive include but are not limited to the Woodslee Community Center, St. John the Evangelist School, St. John the Evangelist Parish and Youth Group, the Woodslee United Church, the Church of the Living Word, Woodslee Friendship Club and Woodslee branch Libro Credit Union.

Fall Dance Recital 

The Woodslee Community Center Fall Dance Recital was held at the W.C.C. on Sunday, Dec. 14th. There were over 200 people present to witness all the hard work and dedication of our great instructor Brooke Fuerth and her many excited students. Those present also had the great pleasure of hearing guest pianists, guitarist and vocalist. There were lots of treats and goodies available after the event. Can't wait for the next one in the spring!

Meet the Candidates Night 

The Woodslee Community Center hosted a Meet the Candidates Night on October 7, 2014 for Lakeshore Mayoral, Deputy Mayoral and Ward 5 Candidates. The event was successful and saw over 100 attendees, providing an informative session. Each Candidate was given a set time to respond to questions from the public as well as the media.

WCC Summer Dance Recital 

The Woodslee Community Center hosted its Summer Dance Recital Sunday June 22, 2014 with huge success! Our brave dancers were joined with Brooke and Jenn's Piano students who performed between numbers. The dancers performed dance routines that they had learnt over the past 10 weeks and the crowd enjoyed the entire show. The gym was full of noise in between numbers and piano songs as the crowd showed their support. The recital was attended by nearly 200 guests and the audience and performers joined us afterwards for refreshments. We here at the WCC are proud of everyone who performed and thankful to Brooke and Jenn for all of their hard work. 

A special thanks goes out to all those who donated goodies for after the event. Especially the Woodslee Friendship Club who donated two trays of nut-free products for those with allergies.